While I was in India, I was talking to my mom and she mentioned I was going to lose my two most loyal readers if I did not get my act together and start to post regularly again and Instagram photos were not the posts she had in mind- does she have Google Analytics tracking my readership?

She was of course referring to herself and our Aunt Mickey. My mom’s best chum from her crazy college days. They went to St. Kate’s (I went there too) together and after graduation they lived in St. Paul and from what I have heard, had some of the best times together.

Aunt Mickey is my brother John’s godmother and is the best gifter (we rarely entertain without our monogrammed placemats) and has been included in all our family celebrations! She is great fun, has an excellent sense of humour and would do anything for any of us Gorrilla/Smyth kids! Plus she reads my blog! Thanks Aunt Mickey.

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