It has been a while, a long, long while – I am hoping to be back, sharing bits here and there. And today, we have photos from Berlin. I was there for an icy weekend in December with terrible footwear, I should have thrown the Bean boots into the Samsonite- when will I learn? When. I am sure the serious Germans thought to themselves ‘tourist lady, get it together!’

Armed only with my black beanie from the year 2000, I set off to explore this city. So much history, I took a Germany since 1945 course when I was in college and strolling through Berlin brought back the historical significance of this city and all that transpired after the war. I want to take Ben to Berlin- the art scene is tops as is the graffiti and the remnants of the wall scattered throughout the city really gives you pause as to what life must have been like while the wall was erected and the emotions of its destruction.

P1050694 P1050696 P1050701 P1050733 P1050770 P1050788 P1050818 P1050774 P1050837 P1050827

It was Christmas Market season and Gl├╝hwein was flowing, but never one to get super excited about these events, I found myself two mornings running at Milch Halle in the Mitte neighborhood, communal tables and excellent coffee.

I managed to find Ben a wooden, brightly colored version of the Fernsehturm and since then, I have been reading about the city’s fascinating history.

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