Ever since Ben and I spent a long weekend in Copenhagen, I have wanted to visit all the Nordic countries. Maybe it is because I want to have lower self-esteem as I walk down the street and only see really, really, very good looking people, like being in Manhattan in September when it is Fashion Week, but there is something about these fresh people, the orderliness of the countries and the seemingly high quality of life that attracts me.

So when the opportunity to pop over to Stockholm came along, I thought ‘ja, please’ and off I went, with Ben in tow. It was March, the weather was fine or so it seemed, until it started to hail/snow and we realized we were ill-prepared. Again- where were my Bean boots (see recent Berlin post). Seriously, when will I learn, when!!!

P1060348 P1060361 P1060364 P1060368 P1060405 P1060409 P1060541 P1060592 P1060619 P1060603P1060462 P1060468 P1060472 P1060474 P1060509 Between cycling about and stuffing our faces with the tastiest buns and treats from the local bakery- Stinas Bageri, we had such an enjoyable long weekend in Sweden’s capital. If you have an opportunity to visit, you should go!

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