The PAC-NW Tour 2013 is underway, this is what we are calling our mini city break adventure to Vancouver, Portland and Seattle. I am in Vancouver for a work conference and Ben will join me here.

Ben is going to arrange our fun times in Vancouver. We will have the weekend exploring the number two city in the world, the two things I want to cover-sea kayaking and run the Vancouver half marathon. Ben has a friend from his MBA based here and Hilary has given us loads of ideas- it will just be narrowing them down.

We are attempting train travel in the U.S.- something I have never done before. We will board the Amtrak bound for Portland via the Cascades route. Our friend Toni says it is stunning and passed along the tip of getting on the correct side of the carriage to ensure we have stunning views.

We are in Portland for 4 days and have booked a tiny garden cottage (read shed) in a backyard through Air BnB- it is centrally located and with our plan to rent bikes for the duration of our visit, we should be able to cover a lot of the Rose City. Do you have any suggestions of what to do or see? I have started a Pinterest board with some of the ideas I have discovered so far- most of them involve eating and drinking!

Other than our hotel, we have not planned anything in Seattle, I am sure we will tourist it up and hit all the highlights and the gum-wall- this is my nightmare, a wall covered in artificially-fruit-flavored chewed gum. YUCK.

It is going to be fabulous hanging out with Ben on another fun holiday.

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