PARIS STREET FOOD… Not to confuse you, I am in Istanbul.

Last Paris post, at least until my next visit. Post 10-mile run, Reia and I headed for some shopping in the Marais neighborhood. Loads of cute shops and open on Sunday, which is fantastic.

We saw several passersby with delicious looking falafel sandwiches. In a previous visit to Paris, Ben and I had seen people strolling and munching, but we did not find the place serving the tasty-looking sandwiches. I did find the place on this trip- L’As du Fallafel, located in a once vibrant Jewish neighbourhood on the Rue de Rosiers. They pile crispy falafel balls, hummus, crunchy slaw, roasted eggplant, pickles, yogurt sauce and more pickles! 

These pita-pockets were followed by the best flat white in Paris, but I do not know the name of the coffee shop, but I know it was on the Rue des Francs-Bourgeois.  It was tiny with just one barista and a selection of coffee beans. If you find it, send me the exact address.

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