TURKEY TASTINGS… I must admit, when I am in countries where I have zero knowledge of the language (Russia and Turkey), I sometimes find myself opting for a quick trip to the local supermarket for easy-to-eat-in-the-hotel-food, the choice is limited and not very adventurous. This is something I need to work on.

In Turkey, between in-hotel oranges and haselnusse, I went to the House Cafe for a tasty brunch. I had a fantastic egg dish- oven baked feta cheese and olives topped with fresh tomatoes, a poached egg and loads of bright-green herbs. It was fresh and surprisingly light. I must try to make this at home. 

I cannot get enough Turkish coffee. It packs a powerful punch, but when you stay up too late watching episodes of Parks and Recreation (so funny and I developed a mini-crush on Adam Scott’s, Ben Wyatt character) on the iPad, it helps you get through the day. Plus they make it in lovely copper pots.

I do not care for Turkish delight, but I like the colours! 

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