WOW… I do not usually post pictures of my school visits, but IPADE in Mexico City was too impressive not to showcase. I arrived early and enjoyed some time in the perfectly groomed garden reading Vanity Fair on the iPad while I soaked in all the vitamin D I could (winters are long in Edinburgh).

The main offices are in an old hacienda which is historically significant. The Hacienda of San Antonio Clavería was formed in the last third of the seventeenth century. Its first proprietor to be known was Domingo Bustamante, a Spaniard. When Mr. Bustamante died the Hacienda was bought by a man surnamed Otero for a ridiculous sum of money.

The Hacienda just managed to survive the fierce wars in the Mexican nineteenth century. By the twentieth, it was converted into a wheat barn, a situation which didn’t help the building’s architecture. It was restored in 1951. The Institute arrived in 1967 and shortly after the Business School.

I have never been tempted to study business, but sun-dappled, lego-team building activities in the garden, perhaps… Ben fancy two years in Mexico- por favor?

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